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Extension Human Hair : 本网站收集一切 è 了解世界的人类头发扩展︰ 如何应用它们,什么是最好的做法和创新和他们要多少钱。应用程序的方法是多方面的︰ 剪辑,梳,缝或焊接头盔与角蛋白。你想要在没有时间花长时间短头发吗?由于扩展的头发 è 现在可能 !如果你想要改变你的发型在 Flash 中发型师和显示长鬃毛令人目不暇接,交给主管手知道如何在头发上采取行动,而不会损坏他们。很多女性欲望头发浓密或长 ① ① pi pi 和依靠他们自己的美容院,要她。头发中添加天然的头发,增加头发的体积。最大的困难 à è 找到适合他们的类型、 头发的颜色,所以结果就是最自然的可能 ① 的锁。不同的演员、 歌手和名人用于年中扩展。有几种附加的扩展技术。第一种方法涉及到附加扩展通过毛细管的角蛋白。从美学角度,这种技术具有最好的可能结果,然而也有固定剂如山 ⅱ 可以损害你的头发和创建刺激和皮肤过敏反应。第二种方法 (称为巴西) 是为配合扩展到真正的头发。此技术 è 可观,但耐久性 è 限于大约三个月的结果。第三个技术 (称为非洲) è 打造具有自己的头发,从字面上缝到扩展的电线扎着马尾辫。此技术 è pi ① 快,但仍然明显头发再生。

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Extension Human Hair - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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Gossip & News

17 Jul 19
Antonio Calvo

The Phoenix, a bird that rises from its ashes is the inspiration for this collection. Like this mythical bird, after long periods of intense creation, it is necessary to resurface and create collections just for the mere enjoyment of making them.

Collection: Phoenix
Ph: Danny Goiry
Make-up: Maria Freire
Stylist: Conchi Silvent
Hair Assistant: Justo Seoane


17 Jul 19
Jacks of London Art Crew

Collection: American Boy
Ph: Barry Makariou
Stylist: Riccardo Chiudioni


16 Jul 19
Rainbow Room International

Collection: Power To The Youth
Ph: Aleksandra Modrzejeska
Make-up: Allana McTrusy
Stylist: Rebecca Donaldson


16 Jul 19
Brett MacDonald and John Ross Slane

The hairstylists with their collection, PURItY, have produced a collection of images that are pure in shape, serene in form and fragile in beauty. The global colour palate provides strength to the purity of shape.

Collection: PURItY
Ph: Amy Leonard
Make-up: Elizabeth Hsich
Stylist: Amy Leonard


15 Jul 19

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